Thirty Days of Writing – Day 1

Taking the first step

Sometimes we have to just take a step.

Parents anxiously watch infants take their first step.

Major life changes are talked about as taking the next step.

When Neil Armstrong landed on the moon, he described it as “One small step for a man. One giant leap for mankind.”

One of my favorite songs from Rich Mullins talks about letting God lead him “Step by Step.”

Today I am taking a bold step. For me and my writing. Risking vulnerability. And criticism. Today I am beginning 30 Days of Writing here on my blog. Why now? There are many reasons. Reasons I will write about in the coming days. Many different and varied reasons that I hope will be connected by the end.

On Friday, May 27, 2016, I turned in my notice at work. That morning I told Scott that I needed to step down for many reasons. He is in support of this decision. In a couple of weeks I will be PRN as a home health Speech-Language Pathologist. We will have a loss of income, but the gain of time with the children, time to write, time to get healthy, time to breathe.


I hope you join me on this journey and don’t think I am completely crazy by the end.

Re-entering the Blogging World …

For a long time now I have wanted to restart my blog. But I wanted everything to be “perfectly perfect” to quote Mary Poppins.


Thing is, I am not perfect. There was only EVER one perfect person who walked on this planet. And that most definitely not me.


Since I am not Jesus Christ, I am going to launch my blog as it is.





Join my journey as I …

Live the Improbable through God’s Grace